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This bag is made of a natural fiber very similar to the fique called pita. Abelardo and Leucadia Andy knitted this shigra bag using the fibers they harvest from their backyard and with a twist of their fingers they transform the fibers in threads. They use a similar technique to the macrame to knit the very versatile and flexible bag. This bag is being used by indigenous people in the jungle for centuries to collect fruits from tall trees in the jungle.
We have intervened this iconic Ecuadorian bag with acrylic threads that were going to be discarded. Antonio Caizabanda and Juana Jimenez are responsible for this intervention. They come from a long lineage of skilled artisans that can be traced to the Incas. You will find more information about them and the Salasacas Comunity in our blog: Our first Stop - The Salasacas.
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