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This Silver 925 earring is very special. With a 18-karat rose gold finishing, this is the perfect day-to-day must have earring. Inspired by the symbolic cherry blossom flower that represents spring, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life.
rose gold earring cherry
This unique piece is made by Juan Neira and Adriana Landivar from Argo Jewellers. They live in a south Ecuadorian city named Cuenca using this ancient technique inherited from their parents and grandparents they create countless of unique pieces every day.
Their ancestors shared their wisdom and they have transformed traditional craft into something unique and treasurable. With their imagination and skill they create new designs into modern and unique pieces.

This is our ONE and ONLY Pink Gold Plated Silver Earring!
rose gold earring flower
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This item's measurements are:

Height 1.4cm

Width 1.4cm

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