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This Macana Scarf is made by Piedad Ulloa and his family in Bulcay, a small town in the Ecuadorian Andes. They create unique macanas starting with the dyeing of the threats selected as bundles of yarn that are tightly wrapped together with cabuya or fique fiber. Then they dye as many times as required to create the desired pattern.
I this case they created a random selection to create the design that they call Rain, they dye the threats with cochinilla a dry bug found on cactus that mixed with lemon releases a red color dye paste. Depending on the intensity and shade they want to accomplish more or lemon is used in the dye bath. Later on, they finish this unique accessory weaving in a waist wooden loom called Macana, being the origin of the name for this accessory.

This scarf Is made of 100% Cotton, providing a soft touch and silky texture. Because of the nature of this fiber, you feel warm in the winter and safe from a chilly breeze in the summer.
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