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With a singular collaboration between artisans. The Sigsigueñitas weavers and Julio Arebalo Jewellery worked alongside to create this unique earring. Light as a feather and simple at the same time this colourfull earring is the perfect option for a day to day earring.
Made from a combination of toquilla straw and pure silver, the fabrication of this piece starts with the harvest of the straw from the province of Manabi in the Ecuadorian coast region. After the process of drying the fibers are transported to the highlands and in the small town of Sig Sig, our artisans dye and prepare the straw fibers for weaving.
Later on, the small dots or balls travel further north to the capital of Ecuador, Quito. Then Julio Arebalo, a very special jeweller of traditional methods and great knowledge finishes these pieces using the finest silver.
For this particular piece, he used pure silver to promote the durability of the jewellery so that way the finishings won´t become dark and will always preserve their natural shines.
As part of our story.......

We work with a collective of near 300 women weavers that promote fair labor and fair weavers for all of them directed by Ilda Sanchez, our local entrepreneur that with hard work and perseverance has united this remarkable group or women know as The Sigsigueñitas. Together create some of our jewellery and hats.

We encourage you to try this fair trade and sustainable piece unique in its simplicity and production methods, we don't have in stock to many pieces to maintain their uniqueness and as a reminder that every time you purchase a product of this nature you are supporting craft and culture. You invest in the passion of an artisan and helping to preserve their craft getting in return a bit of their heart on top of a unique piece.

Buy concisely and carefully, make a difference with every purchase from us and from more sustainable shops that are committed to creating a better world for all of us in the present and the future.
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